Transmission Control Module

GM Genuine transmission control module

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The GM Genuine Original Equipment Automatic Transmission Control Module processes vehicle information and triggers responses designed to provide optimal shift points. The TCM sits on the outside of the GM 8-Speed transmission and incorporates more aluminum and magnesium components, saving 8 lbs. of weight compared to the transmission electro-hydraulic control module (TEHCM). Each control module offers its own advantages but because the TCM is external, it is easier to work on. When built by GM, the TCM arrives tested and ready to go to work. Backed by warranties and support from GM’s network of parts dealers and technical experts.

This TCM has been manufactured to GM Original Equipment specifications for fit, form, and function. Specifications found in 8-speed transmission applications include: external TCM to the transmission for easy accessibility and internal valve body with individually characterized solenoids to the transmission. Our parts are put to the ultimate test through ongoing rigorous product development cycles.

Genuine GM Parts Transmission Control Module


Genuine GM parts such as transmission components come backed by the confidence of customer protection. See how we keep you covered.

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